AXS Invite

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  • AXS Invite was created with social, fun loving people in mind. We want you to invite friends without the risk of having to pay up front. Brilliant, we know. Once you purchase your tickets you can reserve the seats next to you (or reserve GA tickets if the event has no assigned seating) and invite your friends to purchase them via Facebook or email by using our Social Reservation Manager, conveniently located in the AXS Invite tab in your MyAXS account. Invitee can decline or accept the tickets anytime within 48 hours.  If they accept, they can log on to and purchase the tickets directly.

    Now everyone has a ticket, and you only paid for YOUR ticket!

    AXS Invite is currently only available for select events, so take advantage when you can! You can check if an event is AXS Invite enabled by looking for a banner during the ticket buying process.


    For more information regarding AXS Invite, please visit AXS FAQ.